Sermons on Romans

Sermons on Romans

6th Sunday after Trinity-2022

LIVE A NEW LIFE! – – – Preaching the Catechism – The Significance of Our Baptism Sermon. Text-Romans 6:3 We are baptized into Christ Into His life and his righteousness, into His death and atoning sacrifice, and into His resurrection by which we have a new and spiritual life of faith now, and eternal life, body, and soul, in the resurrection of all people.

Fourth Sunday of Easter-2022

THE GIFT OF INNOCENCE Preaching the Catechism (2nd article of the Creed) – The Resurrection Proves the Forgiveness of the Sins of the world. Romans 4:19

Third Sunday of Easter-2022

THE TRUE STORY-Preaching the Catechism (2nd article of the Creed) – Proven by the Resurrection To Be the Son of God.